Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today Sam and Dy and I went to Thanksgiving Point to look at the flowers and in Sam's words "get out of the house." As you can tell Dy was the happiest to get out of the house :) Also Sienna was quite the little sport as we were all a little camera happy taking her pictures. 

On sunday we had to go get the rest of our stuff from Logan because the last night we were there we didn't get done cleaning and everything until 2 am. So we left in the middle of the night with the car packed completely to the ceiling. Including around me and piled on top of my lap to the ceiling. I couldn't see a thing and was trying to hold on to everything that was on my lap so that it wouldn't all fall on Dustin while he was driving. There was one moment when I dosed off and one of the garbage cans I was holding started falling on him. I woke up as soon as he screamed as I then joined in that scream as well. Needless to say we made it to our new condo and have been loving it since. I will soon post pictures of all the remodeling and how cute it turned out. Above though are some of the pics we took when we stopped at temple square on the way to Logan. The flowers were beautiful, and not to mention my husband was looking very good as well.