Monday, June 29, 2009

Our New home Part 3



So as you can see from the before picture the door needed
some major help. My dad spent hours upon hours fixing and putting
in part of a new door frame. It had major issues when we
bought it but now it looks great! You can't really tell
that much in these two pictures but we also replaced
the blinds and they look so much better!

Our New Home part 2



Notice the difference in how far the tile goes out in the before
picture compared to the after picture. Dustins Grandpa chipped
away at the tile for hours! Bless his heart. It seriously makes the room
look so much bigger now.

Thanks to Samantha and Jesse they passed on this entertainment center to us.
It is perfect. It was black and brown when we got it, so I just painted the
brown part black. Oh also to add to my collection of black things I painted is the
plant stand and bench below, and also the mirror above the piano. I tell you a little paint can
make anything look good!

In the Living room we repainted it and put new carpet, light fixture, crown molding, and blinds. Also when we bought it the living room had a lovely popcorn ceiling-UGH! So Dustin's dad re-textured the ceiling, and then ended up re-texturing all the ceilings in the whole condo. Seriously when we say our families bent over backwards to help us we mean it! We are so blessed to have 2 amazing families in our lives!

The bench under the window is an old wooden box my dad used to have in the back of his truck for his tools that he made. He kept telling me that it wouldn't work for furniture and was a rough old box that did not belong in a house. but I love fixing things up so I went ahead anyway. I painted it black, and got some decorative tin that I spraypainted and glued on the front. Then I bought the coushin and some material to go on the top. And wala! It is absolutely perfect for our million blankets and pillows we have.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our New Home

As most of you know we recently bought a foreclosed condo in provo and remodeled it. We could not be happier with our new place. We absolutely love it!!!! We owe most of it to both mine and Dustins parents and to Grandpa Shaw for all the long hours and hard work they put into it! We can't say thank you enough! Here is just a few of the before and after pictures. Later this week I'll post our bedroom (which is my absolute favorite!) and the other room and the bathroom. So here is the living room and kitchen.



I might add that I pretty much painted everything in the kitchen. Including the microwave table, the paper holder on the wall, the table and chairs, chandeler, and the dish corner shelf. My mom has a joke that anything that enters my house will be painted black, as you will soon see there are many other things I painted black as well. I wouldn't be surprised if I was high off fumes for over a week. I think I have gone through at least 10 cans of spray paint and then multiple gallons of regular paint.

Friday, June 26, 2009

One Year Aniversary came and went!

I seriously can't believe that we have already been married a year. I know some of you are thinking that's nothing. And I'm glad because I can't wait for the next 50 years with Dustin too! Seriously I couldn't have married a better man. He is pretty much the sweetest most perfect man for me! I love the picture below because it shows Dustin radiating his true hottness

St. George

Dustin and Hank kept entertained with the 3D chalk. We had
been seeing so many commercials about this so called incredible
chalk and so Dustin insisted we buy it. Really though I think
he just wanted to be able to wear the super cool green glasses
that came in the package.

We recently went with Dustins family to St. George and visited Zions. It was
so much fun!! We went hiking and swimming and
shopping, and best of all just relaxed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Josee Mckell Cope

Here are some pics I took of Mckell's little girl. Is she not the cutest little bug ever!

Crystals engagements

Ok so I always tell myself I'm going to actually post stuff about Dustin and I, instead of just random photography, but oh well I'm still doing it :) Here are some of Crystals engagements I took. Dy was shooting as well and got a bunch of really good pictures too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Newton Family Pictures

We were long over due for family pictures! I think the last pictures we had taken as a family were back when I had full on bangs and one poof of hair. So thanks to Mckenzie we can just hide those old pictures and pretend like those days never existed :)  Mckenzie is an awsome photographer, check out her blog at  I have started doing an internship with her and she is seriously so much fun!