Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Blog

So most of you may already know. But I recently started a new photography blog. Where I will be posting all my photography I have been doing on the side. The Photo above is from a wedding I did recently. So my new blog is

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Me at the Manti Temple

So here I am at the Manti Temple. I went by myself so this was my way of taking a photo of me there. And really I was a lot happier than I look in the photo :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Manti Temple

As most of you know I sell vintage temple photos. I recently made a trip to Manti and was so grateful I did. I mean I won't lie it was a pretty LONG drive there and back by myself, but the temple was so gorgeous! Obviously this isn't the vintage style of the Manti temple I'll be doing. But I tried to make it more dreamy and soft looking in this photo, because that is truly what the temple feels like, is a gentle calm place unlike the world we live in. It is such a blessing to have so many beautiful temples so close!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beautiful Fall

On our way home the other day we spotted this INCREDIBLE tree! I didn't pop the colors at all in photoshop I only added a soft filter. This tree has got to be the best expression
of falls beauty. I love the colors of fall!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Fun!

As you can tell we got a little carried away with the pumpkin fun
and all trying to be creative :) We had a lot of fun tonight though!
Dustin LOVES Halloween so he is all about
all the decorating, carving pumpkins, and getting into it
all and I am happy to join him. :)

Choose This Day

Choose This Day

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We just watched this video and it so so good! Anyone that knows us knows that we both are the queen and king of procrastination at times. So this video was practically made for us. But thought it might be good to share if any of you feel like you sometimes too find yourself putting everything off til tomorrow. The spirit of this video is very powerful. I love hearing President Eyring speak! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow Patrol Concert

Snow Patrol was incredible!! Dust and I had never been to a concert together and one day I told him if Snow Patrol ever came we were for sure going. Well the very next day I saw the sign at UVU that said they were coming-How was that for perfect timing. They were so much fun. Plain White T's were way good to but the lead singer was sick so they only did like three songs-lame I wanted more :) I had some really good videos to post to but for some reason it won't let me do it. But you can imagine :) PS don't mind mister big head in all the pictures. :)

Dinosaur Museum

So when we moved to Provo Dustin had been dying to go see the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. So we decided to take our little nephews because we figured they would help make it more interesting. They have been there so much it turned out they were more so showing us where to go. It was a lot of fun. I especially like the top picture of Kayden and Dust trying to immitate those cave men skeletons. As always Parker was in his own little world.

Bear Lake

Ok so this was quite awhile ago but I just found these old photos on my little digital camera so I thought I'd go ahead and post them. Over the summer we went and stayed with all our friends at Bear lake. It was so much fun boating, swimming, playing games, and of course hiking to Bloomington lake. Good times!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are we beauties or what?!

Little Syd is so funny. I found this freaky alien creature in Dustins Halloween bin. I gave it to syd and told her to go show her mom the baby and she was so funny. She grabbed it and right away went to go show Adrien her "baby" She even made sure she gave it hugs and was rocking it. I got quite the kick out of her sweet little mother instinct to this freaky rubber alien baby.