Sunday, May 23, 2010

Any Suggestions?

Ok so this week was seriously the craziest week ever! Between tons of homework, a test, 2 family shoots and Lindsay's wedding, plus school everyday, work most days, and dying to get started on the remodeling, I think I am ready to sleep the next month away. But all in all it was a good week. Everything seemed to go well, and I managed to stay up til 2 or three a couple nights and start the painting of the bedroom and get the bookshelf practically done. I consider painting like therapy for me, it helps keep my sanity. I did go with the turquoise and love it! I will have to post pics of it soon. Also we finally got the 21" imac! I'm pretty much so excited about it I can barely stand it, Dust jokes that I have just been trying to get the office remodeled for my "electronic baby" (referring to the computer). I am on the computer a lot because I'm constantly editing and so I can understand why he thinks my camera and the computer are my babies :) But seriously the imac is going to save so much time! My life will be a lot easier being able download more pics on to the computer and edit faster with the more ram. Dustin is also very excited, in fact I had to talk him out of the 27'' because he was getting so excited thinking it could be our computer and TV. I guess you could call us computer nerds :)

Anyway so my next advice I need now that I have the colors all picked out is should I do black or brown. The colors are that green in the images from the last post, white and then the turquoise. So I am torn as to which would look better? Any suggestions?

Also I am recovering the rocking chair. Which may or may not work, we'll see its more of an experiment. But I am wanting this room to feel bright, clean and have a modern feel to it, Almost like ikea style. So here are 2 different material patterns I found on etsy that I like. What do you think? It would be the chair and just a little strip of curtains across the top of the window. Or if you know a better place to find cute material please let me know.

Obviously I would only use one of these if I did the brown. And since they are a little busier the rest of the room will be simple so it won't be too much.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Thanks everyone for the opinions! So I am so excited to remodel our 2nd room. I think I finally have it all figured out and I can't wait to get it done. In fact I'm probably a little too over excited about it, I stayed up til 3 AM just priming the book shelf I'm getting ready to paint. And not to mention I think I have like 30 different paint chip samples of green spread through out our house, and find myself constantly asking dust which green he likes better. Who ever thought there could be so many different shades of one color! But here is a sample of 2 pics that have inspired me for how I am going to paint the room.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Opinions needed :)

Alright so I found a really cool bookshelf for a steal of a deal at DI. Literally it was one of those that the minute I saw it I knew I needed to have it! We are trying to downsize the stuff in our office. Plus I am totally up for a new craft project. Seeing that I have barely had time to do anything else besides work, school and my photography. So I am ready for a break and to do some crafting. Any way before this turns into a novel, I'll get to the point. I am also considering repainting the walls in the office. So with that considering, as soon as I find a desk at DI, I will be painting the bookshelf and desk to match eachother. There is an old brown trunk in the room as well. So brown will be in the room as well instead of black. Alright so I have been having a fettish with turquoise furniture. So the point of this novel is should I paint it turquoise rustic or cream with the rustic edges? These are some examples of what I am thinking about. (Most of these are from which is like the best craft website ever!)