Monday, April 26, 2010

This ones for you family :)

Ha I love it! Nothing like matching BYU outfits. I think the best part is that my dad is wearing a red shirt. Go University of Utah- right dad? :) Also check out those bangs on all of us girls. I remember Lindsay and I would always beg Adrien to style our bangs like that.

I really like this one of my mom and dad, My mom is very pretty

When I was five I drew a picture of the bishop at the pulpit and the people sitting in sacrament meeting. My parents ended up summitting it in a contest. It was chosen as one of the pictures to be displayed at a place in Salt Lake. So as you can see I was quite proud :)

Oh the hair, Hello pyramid!! I'm pretty sure I got a brand new perm just days before my baptism. I remember being so worried that It would be ruined, I think I should have been more worried that it wouldn't be ruined

Alright so tonight as I was trying to find a particular cd (and avoiding studying for finals:) i came across a random cd that just said pictures. When I popped it in the computer it was a nice surprise to see over 200 family pictures over the years. I could not resist posting some of these.