Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enjoying summer

Age and her kids have come swimming at our house a lot this summer, and it is always a ton of fun. This was the first time Dust was able to come, so I figured I should finally take a few pics. I didn't dare get my camera by the water though so I stood outside the fence and stuck my lens through the crack. Hey it worked, right :) As you can see Dust got out his toys to play with the boys. Hence why there is a strange tomato with jaws. Ya I have found that a couple times in the veggi drawer in the fridge. Sydney was taking a nap when I took these pics but she is quite the swimmer too. Even though she just turned 2 and can't really swim she definitely has no fear. She will stand on the steps (without her floaties) and jump without even making sure I am ready. Then she just repeats over and over again "I can swim, I can swim." It's quite cute and funny too. Also I had to throw in the one of Kayden poking out his belly. He loves to show everyone and I always get a kick out of how much he can look like a pregnant little boy :)