Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vintage Photo Collage

So I know you are all probably sick of hearing of our office that I'm remodeling but I am having a ton of fun! Not to mention it's consuming my nights when I should be sleeping. Any who I am going to be doing a collage of black and white vintage looking photos on the green wall. Here are 3 of the six I will be using. There will be one of us, the above one of our hands, and then 4 still life items that have to do with us. The keys above bring back a lot of memories! Dustin gave me one of those keys and kept the other when I left on my mission, and told me that just as I had to "lock my heart" for my mission he would be locking his as well while I was gone. The book they are sitting on is a journal his mom gave me before I left, that I wrote in on my mission. The paint brushes are obviously self explanatory. I can't wait to get the others done to! I'm excited for the other 3 I'm doing. Although I have to admit still life is not my thing, so it is a bit of a challenge for me :)

Before and after

note: The green wall is more green than it looks in this picture. In fact it almost looks yellow in these pics.