Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do You ever feel like this.........

or even this.....

or maybe like this........

But then someone in your life helps you see things a little clearer and
suddenly you can't help but realize how blessed you are. (Even if your body is expanding
at an incredible rate, and changes are coming from every angle). And
really you can't help but smile....

Like this.....

This is my beautiful neice, Mya. I love her to pieces! Lately I have
been having major anxiety and OVERWHELMED by the thought that
I'm going to become a parent so soon. Not to mention dealing with
the changes of my body, hormones, and the major change about to
happen in my life. Don't get me wrong I am EXTREMELY excited to have
a baby and know it is a HUGE blessing from the Lord. It is just a lot
to take in. But when I have gone and visited my sister and hung out with my
sweet 3 month old niece I feel like all the anxiety and stress is gone. She makes me
smile, and I can't wait to have another little baby girl in my life, that's my own :)