Friday, February 27, 2009

Little People Experience the World differently

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ha I just found this drawing by dustin and wanted to share it. He titled it computer+nerd. And seeing how we both seem to be addicted to our computer right now, me- with photoshop, and him with the news we kinda feel like this at times :)

Normally I really don't like taking pictures of just things, they seem boring to me if there aren't people in them. But Yesterday I found the coolest photographer and none of her pictures even had people in them. So I decided to go take pictures of the "ordinary" and see if I could make it more interesting. These are some of what I came up with. The yellow one is a dandelion that I wanted to make look more like a design than a plant.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alright so last of all I just wanted to post some pictures I've been having fun playing around with. Photoshop has become my best friend lately, that is besides Dustin :) The top photo Dustin took in Hong kong, and then I just added texture and changed the coloring

For valentine's day I wanted to give Dustin something personal and he had been really wanting a sketch book. So after racking my brain forever I decided to make a collage of Dustin's random and personal stuff. I took this picture and then put it on the front cover of a sketch book with a glaze over the top so it looks like it's the front cover. Note the little weird monsters spread out across the picture. Dustin has this thing with carrying a couple of these in his pocket. Particularly on Sunday. We'll be sitting in church and all of the sudden he'll randomly be pulling them out of his pocket and trying to get me to take them, which I usually rufuse, and try to get him to hide them.

So lately I've been on this jewelry making kick. Also I just love painting or making things. This picture of the frame isn't very good, but just thought I'd post it for fun

While I was on my mission Dustin painted several mural paintings for the parade of homes. He also did one for his Aunt and Uncles mansion. This hallway is actually a lot bigger than it looks in the picture, but just wanted to share with you how incredibly talented he is :)

For christmas Dustin gave me a tripod that I absolutely love! These are some of the pictures we've been having fun taking with it. Dustin is so good about coming along and be willing to do whatever
Once upon a time we set up a blog..... The end. or so it may seem since we haven't touched it since we pretty much set it up. So we've decided to be better. Than maybe we'll feel more connected with all of you, instead of feeling like were trapped in a cave up here! Alright so first of all Dustin and I are getting uber goober excited to move to utah county. We have made a calender to count down the days kind of like counting down to Christmas. Ok not really but probably in our minds we have.
Also this semester has been one thousand and ten times better than last semester. Dustin stepped down in his job so he could focus on school and I'm not taking my insane photography class. And my 17 credits this semester is a breeze compared to my 12 art credits last semester. So we are just loving life right now!