Thursday, July 23, 2009


So many of you already know the story behind this picture.
It is actually a drawing done by dustin on a desktop from high school.
Turns out instead of really paying
attention in class of course he was just doodling away on his desk.
Although while most people doodling on their desk consits of
hearts and stars and who knows what
Dustin's consisted of this. The janitors eventually
quit cleaningthe desk he sat at because they liked it so
much and at the end of the school year his (history) teacher liked
it so much she took off the desk top and gave it
to him. It didn't quite look like this by then though
he spent a lot of time besides just in class working on it once
school was over. But wa-la look how awesome it
is I seriously love it! Anyways so what I'm saying is I can't wait
because Dustinis actually going to paint this on a huge canvas
for me in color to go in our office. I'm sure it will be a lot
of months work but it will totally be worth it. He's working on it
now and i seriously could just watch him draw and paint
for hours. sometimes I try and paint with him but mine usually look
like I just stepped out of elementary school :) I'll stick with
photography. Anyway just wanted to brag about my husband
for a min. I am one lucky girl!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crystals bridals

Dyanna and I got to take Crystals engagements today. These are some of the ones i have took. It was a ton of a fun Crystal looked gorgeous. Although I must say the state capitol building needs to invest in little better of an AC!

More Washington pics

At the Seattle Aquarium


Adrien's cute little family. The boys
sure made the trip an adventure, not to mention
Sydney and her many monkey noises

View from the beach house we stayed at. There was a little trail 
we walked down to get to the beach and then could kayak on it. 
A couple of the days we had a seal that kept coming up to our kayak and one
time practically jumped out of the water and did a twirl. Other than
that we just saw a lot of crabs and jelly fish in the water and gigantic
 star fish. 

Monday, July 20, 2009


Feeding those crazy seagulls

Seattle Aquarium 

This is in Bremerton where I used to go every tuesday for Zone meetings

riding the ferry to Seattle

We just got back from visiting Dustins and my mission- good ol washington. It was so much
fun and so good to see everyone. We got to spend Sunday going bak to Port Orchard and visiting the ward we both served in. The bishop actually had us both come up and bare our testimonies since he knew both of us while we were there. The neatest part was it turned out my convert was speaking that day in church! 

While we were in WA we visited Seattle, went to the San Juan Islands, went to Olympic national park and went hiking and then on our way home visited my grandparents in Oregon. In WA we stayed on a beach house which was a beautiful location! I will post more pics soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dyanna's "Bridals" :)

Dyanna was such a good sport to let me take these of her since she's been married for a year now. I needed the practice for my intern. We seriously had so much fun though! As you can tell we went everywhere from the canyon to the great salt lake.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

For the 4th Dustin unfortunately had to work from like 9-7:30 but I was able to go have a bbq with my family. Adrien and her kids were there and kept us fully entertained. We had a good time berry picking, swimming, and eating yummy water melon. Later that night when Dustin got off Dust and I lit our own fireworks in our parking lot. Good times!